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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, recurring, debilitating autoimmune disease. In MS, you lose the outer protective covering (myelin) of nerves (similar to the outside layer of wires). Unfortunately, once you lose the myelin surrounding your nerves, you are unable to regenerate it!

Maintaining function is the aim of the rehab game!

Although there are four main types of MS and there are medications for each of the types that you can receive as part of your MS treatment, maintaining your physical function is the aim of the rehab game!

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On your team for the rehab game are physios, occupational therapists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists and rehab specialists. You are the team captain and the team’s goal is to keep your interests at heart and work through your symptoms that affect your speech, mood, disorders and day-to-day activities.

Since MS affects your brain and everyone’s brain is different, your MS symptoms will be variable, unpredictable and different to other MS sufferers. You may feel:

Squeezing tension around your torso icon

Squeezing tension around your torso

Fatigue & waking difficulties icon

Fatigue & waking difficulties

Weakness, numbness or tingling icon

Weakness, numbness or tingling

Vision Problems, dizziness & vertigo icon

Vision Problems, dizziness & vertigo

Bowel and bladder control icon

Bladder, bowel and sexual issues

Cognitive, emotional & mood changes icon

Cognitive, emotional & mood changes

Finding your feet and establishing your team after rehab hospital can be hard!

When your rehab dream team believes you’re ready to return to your regular life you will lose the support system you had in the hospital, be given a mountain of information, be required to build your own care & rehab team and teach your care team how to give the best possible care. This can be very daunting!

It takes a lot of time to develop your own personal support system and train your support workers to care for you how you’d like to be cared for while trying to shape new brain connections to complete tasks. At times you may feel lost and overwhelmed – that’s okay!

Where can Maslow fit into your team?

Maslow is great at playing the role of team manager. It can help manage your Multiple Sclerosis care & rehab all in one place by allowing you to:

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Create an in depth care routine and add images and video to provide support workers all the tools they need to provide the care you want.

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Allow your therapists to create rehab programs that you can complete and provide feedback on.

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Reduce the time it takes to teach your care team how to help you complete activities like scheduling appointments.

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