Our story

Our story began when a friend suffered a traumatic brain injury. He spent 9 months in Royal Rehab hospital, surrounded by therapists trying to learn about everything he needed to manage his condition. When he was discharged, there were no tools to support him, his family or care team with managing rehab and care.

So, we decided to create them.

Why we exist

We discovered that many individuals go through a similar experience. It’s difficult to stay on top of rehab routines and manage or communicate with care teams. Maslow was created to bridge the gap between managing care and rehab. We strive to give individuals autonomy, independence and control over their lives.

Friend in wheelchair looking into distance
Steve and Nitin using Maslow to guide a rehab appointment

Our vision

At Maslow, we believe everyone deserves access to independence, choice and control. We’ve created a tool that’s accessible, engaging and promotes putting users needs first. We are committed to making it simple for users to manage their physiological health so they can spend time on things that are more meaningful to them.

We started Maslow to create a world where everybody has the tools to independently improve their wellbeing, regardless of ability.

Our team

Maslow was created by a team of therapists, designers, support workers and people with lived experience to serve the unique needs of those living with ongoing care and rehab support. We’re a team that celebrates diversity, embraces human-first design and is committed to providing equal access to healthcare for individuals with disabilities.

Team maslow being chill