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Maslow is a voice-enabled mobile app that helps you manage your rehab program, therapist and carers from where it matters most. Your home.

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Maslow makes it easy to manage your care and rehab in a single place.

  • Access guided rehab programs from your therapists

  • Create daily routines and share exercise videos with your care team

  • Track and improve your rehab progress

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Maslow puts you back in control of your care and rehab program

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Coordinate care teams in one place

Maslow allows you to be in control of your schedule. Create your own schedule for family, therapists and carers to follow.

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Access guided rehab content

The Maslow app has specific rehab content tailored to suit your needs. You can follow content that helps you manage exercise, stretching, mental health, diet and more.

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Connect with your therapist

Ask questions and communicate with your therapist and carers through the Maslow app without having to wait until your next appointment.

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Fully accessible by voice

Maslow is a voice-enabled rehab assistant that provides you with access to health education and life management tools. You can integrate Maslow with your home smart devices such as Google Home or Alexa.

Start Using Maslow Now

Australia’s leading rehabs use Maslow to connect remotely

Australia’s leading therapists use Maslow to remotely connect with their clients. Maslow enables you to deliver a digital and personalised home exercise program to your clients. In real time, you can track program adherence and receive feedback from your clients. Get in touch with Maslow to find out more about Maslow for Therapists.

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