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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a lifelong neurological condition caused by brain damage that often occurs before or during birth. It is a very emotional diagnosis for parents and family members and not fully often understood by the sufferer until their late pre-teens or early teenage years. However, in 21st century Australia where 1 in 700 babies are born with CP, living with cerebral palsy no longer defines you. By creating a strong support team for your child or family member, they can be whoever they’d like to be! With Maslow on your team, you can take control of your child’s care and rehab and manage it all in one place until they are able to themselves!

You know what is best for you (or your child). Why can’t care & rehab be the same?

Care and rehab begins as soon as your child has been diagnosed with CP. In the early years, the emphasis is focussed on maximising your child’s neuroplasticity ability – the ability for new brain connections to form that can divert around the damaged areas of the brain.

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During this time they learn and improve their independent mobility, play and social skills, gross (moving) and fine (grabbing objects) skills and motor planning, strength, flexibility and endurance, thinking and problem solving skills, understanding of words and language, feeding and dressing skills and balance and coordination. As your child continues to grow, these core skills are refined and built upon to reflect their daily interactions with society such as going to the shops, having a haircut, going out to dinner with friends.

Your support team is forever

Although Cerebral Palsy is a lifetime disorder, your child (or you) will always have the help of your dream support team. Use that to your advantage! At times you (or your child) may feel lost, helpless or overwhelmed – that’s okay! You will always have your support team!

What position can Maslow play on your team?

Maslow is great at playing the role of team manager. We can help you manage your CP care & rehab all in one place by allowing you to:

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Create an in depth care routine and add images and video to provide support workers all the tools they need to provide the care you want.

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Allow your therapists to create rehab programs that you can complete and provide feedback on.

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Reduce the time it takes to teach your care team how to help you complete activities like chair-to-bed transfers.

Does Maslow sound like a fit for your (or your child’s) team?

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