Maslow for Autism Spectrum Disorder

How to use Maslow
for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition characterised by repetitive and distinctive patterns of behaviour and difficulties with social communication and interactions. People living with ASD have a wide range of symptoms, skills and levels of disability in functioning and communicating with society.

Communication and comprehension is key!

A strong support team that consists of therapists and support workers who communicate effectively is key to assisting you or your family member with ASD. As a result of ASD, your family member may not be able to verbally communicate with you their thoughts, wants and needs.

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Assembling your team

Finding people who are the right fit for your team is very important to assist you (or your family member). Trying to stay on top of the weekly therapy routine as well as communicating their care requirements to the support team can be overwhelming. As a result you may find yourself feeling lost and burnt out – that’s okay!

Adding Maslow to your team

Maslow is great at managing your support team so you don’t have to! With Maslow you can organise your support team and create a schedule for your support team so you can maintain your independence and shape how each day looks for you all in the one place. By doing this you will be able to:

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Create in depth care routines and add images and videos to provide your support team all the tools they need to help you with your activities.

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Allow your therapists to create rehab programs that you can complete and provide feedback on increasing the quality of your in-person therapy time.

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Reduce the training time of your care team for complex care activities like helping with your shopping.

Does Maslow sound like a fit for your (or your child’s) team?

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