We’re looking for a full-time (or 4 days) Growth Product Manager to help us move from a high-touch onboarding process, to scalable customer onboarding infrastructure and reach 1000 paying users.

  • Use your skills in growth and customer experience to positively impact the lives of thousands of people living with disabilities
  • 4-5 days per week in an inclusive and nurturing team with a “let my people go surfing” culture*

*We believe in being human before anything for both our team and customer community. This means giving you everything you need to grow professionally, whilst also giving you the space and support to just be yourself.

So who or what is Maslow?

Maslow was founded after a friend of ours suffered a traumatic brain injury. We witnessed the challenges he experienced transitioning home from rehab hospital. So we set out to make it easy for people with disabilities to manage their care and rehab from home.

Maslow now supports hundreds of people with disabilities with their care and rehab, with thousands more waiting to get started. We’re a purpose-led and diverse group of product designers, therapists, and young people with disabilities.
We believe in embracing diversity of thought, background, and talent while giving one another the opportunity to learn and thrive. We have a flexible culture, with the option of working 4 days per week and remotely.

What will a Growth Product Manager do at Maslow?

As our Growth Product Manager, you’ll be working with our product, comms, marketing, and design teams to build a delightful and scalable customer onboarding experience for Maslow as we scale past the 1000 user mark.

You’ll be responsible for running growth sprints, collaboratively defining, prioritizing, and rolling out growth infrastructure improvements, and measuring and reporting on these outcomes.

You’ll need to be handy enough on the tools like Zapier, WordPress, Airtable, Mailchimp, Typeform, and the like. We take a lean-experimentation approach to growth and product. We test first build later.

What type of skills does that entail?

  • Can use tools like airtable, zapier, mailchimp, google analytics, typeform – and the ability to quickly learn new ones
  • Can operate the growth hacking process/mindset
  • Strong sense for effective customer and stakeholder communication
  • Can interpret, and visualize data using excel or similar

And what type of applicant are you looking for?

  • Can work collaboratively with a cross-functional team to ideate, prioritize, execute, and test ideas (growth hacking)
  • Has familiarity with the disability ecosystem and cares about social impact
  • Has experience putting together MVP customer experiences using zapier, airtable, mailchimp, twilio, typeform or similar
  • Is comfortable interpreting and presenting data and processes
  • Has a strong sense for a good customer experience
  • Is proactive, creative, and practical and wants to “learn faster than the rate of change”
  • Wants to join a high-growth social impact startup in the disability space