We are excited to announce a partnership with Enable Exercise and their clients to assist them with digital at-home rehab programs and care.

Connecting the remarkable Enable Exercise team remotely with their clients to foster the continuity of care while COVID-19 restrictions are enforced in New South Wales allows clients to maintain their structured routine and sustain their rehab momentum while also allowing the Enable Exercise team to track progress, adherence and receive feedback on aspects of the client’s rehab programs.

Digital health has exploded since the beginning of 2020 in light of COVID-19 and it appears this trend will continue to succeed post-COVID. Society has spoken, they would prefer a world where flexibility and remote access to work, rehab and medical care is available for anyone who wants. Personalised medicine will continue to thrive in the coming years and Maslow is here to support anyone living with a disability to take back control and manage their care & rehab all in one place.