Maslow is an app that helps manage care at home

It can be frustrating repeating your care needs to support workers every day.

Maslow helps save time explaining things to support workers, so you can spend time doing things you love.

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Maslow has partnered with Careseekers to help you manage daily care tasks

As a Careseekers customer, you’ll be able to use Maslow to share your care needs with your Careseekers support workers.

You’ll save time repeating things to support workers, meaning you’ll be able to spend more time doing things you love.

How does Maslow work?

Maslow for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Create a Maslow account with your daily care needs
QR code on fridge
Print a Maslow QR code and place it in the home
Scan QR Code
Support workers scan the QR to access your care needs
User tracking progress and coordinating their carers
You receive live updates & reports about your care

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