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Maslow makes it easy to train and coordinate your entire support team


Maslow addresses the challenges of managing a large support team

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Create and share personalised routines with your entire support team

Maslow gives you control to create guided personalised care routines and share them with your support team for efficient and consistent care. You won’t have to keep repeating and re-explaining yourself to multiple support workers.

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Communicate with your entire team in one place

Invite your support team, carers, and therapists to the Maslow app. Chat with your entire team, leave feedback on exercises and care activities on one single app and from the comfort of your own home.

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Set goals and stay on top of your progress

Maslow lets you, your therapists, and your support team easily track your care and rehab activities so you can see exactly how much you’ve progressed.


Here is how Maslow has helped our customers manage their support workers

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“Since Maslow has been around, I’ve been able to look back on recorded physio sessions of myself and keep those videos in one convenient app. I like how easy it is to make a recorded workout that I can add notes to, it’s like having a pocket-sized physio!”

–  Jacob, Maslow user

“Having access to all my workouts, with video instructions when needed, makes my routines really accessible. I get the most out of the exercises that are available on the Maslow app, they’ve had a massive impact.”

–  Emma, Maslow user

“The workout routine is my favourite feature on the Maslow app. I like when it sends my Apple Watch a reminder to do my exercise routine.”

– Dale, Maslow user

“Maslow is a great way to reflect on my progress and helps create a good rehab routine. It’s so crucial for myself to have a proper routine and Maslow’s app helps make that side of my life a lot easier to manage.”

– Jacob, Maslow user

“Both of my exercise physiologists can track my progress, work together and stay in touch really easily. One of my exercise physiologists is based overseas and he enters tailored exercise routines into the app that are suited to my ability.”

– Emma, Maslow user

“I like that Maslow allows the option for my physio to see my progress and how it’s all going at home. It’s a great app to use and I’m keen to see where it goes in the future!”

– Dale, Maslow user

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