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How to use Maslow
to manage care & rehab

Maslow makes it really easy to communicate with all your therapists and support workers in a single place. Your therapists will be able to create and send you accessible rehab programs. You’ll also be able to create a weekly care routine that you can send to all your carers.

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Book a free on-boarding consultation

We normally start with a one-on-one onboarding call to help you get familiar with Maslow. Everyone is different, so during this call, we’ll show you how to use the features of Maslow in a way that works for your needs.

You can book a consultation without committing to using Maslow. So feel free to book one just to see how it works!


Invite all your therapists and support workers to your account

Once you’ve downloaded the app you’ll be able to invite all your support workers and therapists to your account. Maslow is completely free for your entire team.

Your therapists will be able to use their app to remotely send you rehab programs – like a home exercise program. Your support workers will be able to use their app to follow your home care routine.

You and your team will also be able to track adherence to rehab and care programs, leave feedback, and communicate in the app.

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Keep all your rehab and care guides in one place

Maslow allows therapists to remotely send you digitized and accessible home care/rehab programs that you can keep in the palm of your hand. This can be anything from a home exercise program, a step-by-step guide on how to manage your bowel program, or how to use equipment like a hoist.

No more managing different emails and paper folders. All these programs will be accessible in the palm of your hand!

Design your daily care routine

Using Maslow, you can easily create your ideal day-to-day care routine. This can be made up of anything from domestic tasks like cleaning up, to rehab activities like a home exercise program. You can easily link images and videos created by your therapists. This way you can ensure your entire care team knows exactly how to support you each day.

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Your support team follows your routine using the app

Each of your support workers can easily open Maslow and see what you have set out to do for the day. They can follow video instructions, mark tasks as complete, and leave feedback for the rest of your care and rehab team to see.

This way you can ensure that your support team knows how to support you and there is no more miscommunication between team members.

Leave feedback and communicate in one place

You, your therapists, and your support workers can leave feedback on every single care task and every single exercise. These can be photos, videos, or text. This makes it easy to ask questions between team members, track the progress of exercises, and stay on top of symptoms like pressure sores – before they become complications.

This makes it really easy to see how things are progressing over time, and ensure that your entire team is across any update to your care and rehab.

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Track adherence and progress over time

Maslow automatically tracks what care tasks and exercises have been completed over time. You, your therapists, and your carers will be able to easily your adherence to care and rehab activities so that you can see how you are progressing over time.

Instead of having to remember what has been completed and what hasn’t, Maslow makes it easy to see your progress over time.

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