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Your personalised care routine is waiting.

Download Maslow to get started.

  • Review & edit your personalised care routine

  • Share it with your entire support work team

  • We’ll help you trial Maslow and see if it works for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Maslow do?2021-05-18T13:19:07+11:00

Maslow is a mobile app that makes it easy to independently manage your care and rehab.

The Maslow app helps you to:

  • Design your care routines in one place and share them with your entire support team
  • Keep all your rehab exercises and guides in a single accessible place
  • Communicate with your entire therapist and support team
I’m not sure how to get started. What do I do?2021-02-22T04:04:24+11:00

Don’t worry. Our customer support team will reach out to you for a chat. We’ll discuss your goals, your care and rehab setup, and how you can use Maslow to better communicate with your support team.

Can I use my NDIS budget to pay for Maslow?2021-02-22T04:00:33+11:00

Yes. Maslow is considered low-cost and low-risk assistive technology that enables choice, control, and independence for NDIS participants.

If you are self managed – We will provide a payment link you can use to pay for Maslow. A receipt will be generated which can be logged in your NDIS portal under the appropriate bracket.

If you are plan managed – We will provide an invoice with payment options to your plan manager.

How much does Maslow cost?2022-08-26T12:32:07+11:00

A Maslow subscription costs $399 per year. Since Maslow provides choice, control, and independence for NDIS participants, your NDIS budget can be used to pay for Maslow.

A Maslow subscription comes with:

  • 1 year of access to the Maslow app
  • Support from our customer team to get the most out of the app
  • Free access for all your carers and therapists



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